Busy, Busy, Busy

October 10, 2012  •  Leave a Comment

With football season in full swing, there are so many new photos, news, that I got completely overwhelmed and, as a result, backlogged. Amid thousands of new football photos every week, traveling to and from the venues, it is getting more and more difficult to treat photography as a hobby. Hopefully in a month or so it will be over.

From this point on, all Virginia Tech football photos will be posted on my zenfolio. Please note that while several of the galleries are public access, others will require a password that was posted on TechSideline.com (TSL) Pass Subscribers message board.

A bunch of images had been uploaded to photography of Virginia Tech section. Unfortunately, I have no time to add a new blogpost every time I upload an image. So, I would suggest to visit my site often and check "Recently Added" section for all new material.

In addition to all sports and campus photography, I am re-scanning my collection of Virginia Tech vintage football game programs. So far I have finished re-scanning game programs covers from 1900 through 1959. Yes, it is a very tedious process.

Browse and enjoy!

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