Memorabilia: Virginia Tech 1945 Techgram

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Eight pages of the September 15, 1945 issue of VT Techgram dedicated to Techmen who gave it all in the service of the country.

"THE TECHGRAM. Second Memorial Pictorial. 1945.09.15.

Dedicated to those Techmen who gave their lives in defending the American way of life is this second memorial pictorial edition of The Techgram. As this issue goes to press, it is known that 254 Techmen have made the supreme sacrifice in achieving victory. The first pictorial, published with the December 15, 1944 Techgram, carried the pictures of 110 Techmen who had died in the service of their country. In this issue are pictured 116 Techmen in the armed forces who have given their all. In the two issues, 226 of the 254 Techmen have been pictured. It is planned to picture the others later.

Many of those pictured here performed gallant deeds which were recognized by their country through the awarding of medals posthumously. Because of space limitations it is not possible to list the various deeds of valor, Heroes all, they died in the line of duty. The striking thing about this edition is the youth of those pictured. Predominating this issue are the class of '46 with 18, the class of '44 with 15, and the class of '45 with 14 - high school seniors, college sophomores, and freshmen when the Japs struck at Pearl Harbor on "that day that will ever live in infamy." The first memorial edition published eight months ago had more of the '40, '41, '38, and '39 classes, although even in that issue '43, '46, '44, and '45 were heavily represented. The pictures are arranged by classes and alphabetically within the classes.

The Techgram, on behalf of V.P.I. and its alumni, extends sincerest sympathy to the families and friends of the Techmen here pictured. To our fallen comrades: A pledge that we will carry on! We will see that your sacrifices were not in vain."

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September 15, 1945. The Techgram.September 15, 1945. The Techgram. Memorabilia || View Gallery


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