Press Conference: Frank Beamer (2015-11-02)

November 03, 2015  •  8 Comments

"Cheryl and I know how fortunate we have been to spend our last 29 years here. Our son (Shane) graduated from here. Our daughter (Casey) graduated from here and our daughter’s husband (Caanan) graduated from here, and we picked up a Mississippi State Bulldog (Shane’s wife, Emily), which I am extremely proud of her..."

Read Transcript of Frank Beamer’s Retirement Press Conference

While I was taking photos during press conference I had a song stuck in my head playing over and over. After I was done sorting through the images (you can see them at the link below), I thought that the song would be a good fit for a short tribute video, as my personal "thank you". Nothing fancy, just a slideshow of Coach Beamer's press conference with a soundtrack.

November 2, 2015
McConnell Auditorium, Merryman Athletic Center,
Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA.



Brenda G Semones(non-registered)
You did it your way and you MADE VT
GREAT! You are a awesome coach and person!Best wishes always from a high school friend!
Awesome tribute to a man we all love!!!!
Great job! thanks for the memories!
Centex Hokie(non-registered)
Thanks for the memories and the pictures showing tears turn to smiles. After reflection of his impact, hopefully it will all be smiles.
Thanks for this! He will be missed!
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