Virginia Tech 2016 Calendar: Preview

May 31, 2015  •  13 Comments

An early preview of next year's version of the Virginia Tech calendar. If you have any comments and/or suggestions please leave them below in the comments section. The calendars are not yet available, this is just a preview.

So... what do you think? Do you like it? This design is NOT FINAL and may change.

Virginia Tech 2016 Wall Photo Calendar | Purchase

Front Cover

2016 Calendar (Front Cover)2016 Calendar (Front Cover)



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Ivan Morozov
@ John Burton - the calendar is 8.5 x 11 (17 x 11, when open) inches.
John Burton(non-registered)
Your pictures are great as always. May I know the size of the calendar
Justin Graves(non-registered)
Looking fantastic! Thinking this year will finally be the year I get a few of these for home & office, and not just use the desktops! Really appreciate your work, Ivan! :)
Ivan Morozov
Thank you, to everyone, for your suggestions and comments! Very helpful!
love the entire year and coordination of events with pictures and vistas.

obviously skies were big this year.

constructively: maybe a little more 'zing' on the cover; Burruss is the traditional
centerpiece of our drillfield and campus as a whole; cover shot doesn't jump out
at me like several other 2016 shots and previous calendar-year shots. it just
needs a little something (maybe twinkle of color), either in foreground or on the
facade itself.
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