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Aerial photography of Virginia Tech campus. Southeast part of campus. Residence halls and academic buildings around Drillfield.Aerial photography of Virginia Tech campus. Southwest part of campus. Burruss Hall, Slusher Hall, Latham Hall, Drillfield.Virginia Tech FlyoverSummer thunderstorm in Blacksburg, VA.Holtzman Alumni Center, Virginia Tech.Holtzman Alumni Center. Virginia Tech.Holtzman Alumni Center, home of Virginia Tech Alumni Association.A quiet July evening at Burruss Hall on the campus of Virginia Tech.Lightning behind Burruss Hall and April 16th Memorial on the Drillfield at Virginia Tech.Skipper fires during fall Pass-in-Review of the Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets.Summer thunderstorm in Blacksburg, VA.Morning at the Burruss Hall. Virginia Tech.Early morning rainbow over Burruss Hall and April 16 Memorial. Virginia Tech.Burruss Hall in February. Virginia Tech.Fireworks on the Drillfield. Virginia Tech.Burruss Hall and April 16 Memorial, Virginia TechBurruss Hall in snow, Virginia TechSlusher Hall. Virginia TechICTAS II. Virginia Tech.Merryman Athletic Center. Virginia Tech.